The historic center of Verona is not only an open-air museum but a pure paradise for food and wine lovers. Discover our Verona wine and food tastings!

Like many Italian cities, Verona also boasts of a millenary food and wine tradition. Today it is famous all over the world for its wines, such as Amarone and Soave but the wine offer is much wider and also includes lesser known but unique names such as Durello sparkling wine, produced with indigenous grape.

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Verona means immerse yourself in its history as each food is closely linked to a different historical period: the Monte Veronese cheese was introduced by the Cimbri, a German population who settled in our mountains in 1300, while the local variety of rice Vialone nano dates back 1400s when the Venetian reclamed from the water the land in the south of Verona. For the more adventures it’s also possible to try the horse meat, a local recipe

Traditional taverns and old fashioned grocers are hidden in the maze of the city streets and your local guide will make you discover them. On the hills of Verona, stands family run cellars where you can enjoy breathtaking view over the city, sipping a glass of Amarone. Contact us for unique Verona wine and food tastings!

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