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Welcome to the Taste Verona wine blog!

Information and curiosities about Verona wines and food.

Verona wine blog collects articles and informations about local wines and dishes. Here you can gain a more in-depth understanding of Amarone, Ripasso and many other wines produced around Verona. If you are planning a wine tour, or if you are just interested in the wine’s world, in this section you can find some information about Verona wine producing regions: Valpolicella, Soave, Lake Garda, indegenous grape varieties, wines characteristics and style.

But not only that, also posts about local recipes and typical food, curiosities and much more.

Enjoy the reading of our Verona wine blog!


2604, 2021

Lake Garda wines

East Lake Garda (Veneto area) produces crisp and easy-drinking wines, ideal to sip in summertime. Bardolino is the most famous wine region, land of light bodied red and rosè while Custoza and Lugana are white wine districts.

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